We have released a new version of our backtester that is more user-friendly and offers additional features.

The first thing you will notice is that our login now requires a code. This allows us to keep you logged in to the backtester longer, a request from users. You will type in your email and we will send you the code for you to paste into the website prompt.

Here's a video showing the new backtester.

HubSpot Video


The Backtest History page now has Favorites. Clicking on the heart next to a backtest will keep that at the top of the list. The Scan button is visible in the Backtest History list and allows for faster scanning to see the trades that match the backtest in the current market. Also in response to users, we have added the ability to include a note describing the backtest. Click on 'Add Note' and type in anything you want.



Create a New Backtest and you will see the new look of the backtest input page. Enter a symbol, or click the 'show advanced options' to enter a list of symbols or symbols with entry and exit dates. We have added bullish, bearish and neutral categories to help you find a strategy to backtest. You can click one or all of the categories to list the strategies.



Next you can enter days to expiration: Enter an target DTE; Enter a minimum; and Enter a maximum. Next enter an target delta with a min and max. You can alternatively use out-of-the money percentage instead of delta. The backtester will choose the option that best meets the target inputs. See this post for more on choosing the best option.

At this point you can run the backtest or choose to edit additional parameters. Additional parameters will be covered in a subsequent post. Note that the backtester can also be used via an API. Check here for more information on the backtester API.