Backtest Your Own Signals

Posted by ORATS Team on 11/19/18 12:42 PM

Symbol Entry Exit Dates (video) integrates user signals in backtesting. The ORATS Backtester allows the user to paste in multiple rows of entry and exit dates to control trading. The backtester will enter and exit trades within each row’s range. The user can select whether to exit on the exit date or not.


Surf the IV Implied Volatility Surface

Posted by ORATS Team on 8/28/18 7:26 PM

Surfing the BVI (British Virgin Islands) is my favorite thing to do.


How ORATS Removes Earnings Effect from Implied Volatility

Posted by ORATS Team on 8/23/18 10:56 AM

ORATS has a way to remove the effect of earnings announcements on implied volatility (IV).


Tesla Options Show Skepticism of Buyout - Reuters Mention

Posted by ORATS Team on 8/22/18 8:35 PM

ORATS data and comments appeared in a Reuters story on Tesla yesterday.


Start Backtesting Options Strategies: A Good Way to Learn

Posted by ORATS Team on 8/22/18 10:39 AM

Get started backtesting options strategies and improve your options knowledge. You will get a feel for what works, what is too risky for you, and ultimately what you want from options trading.


Backtest Multiple Symbols At Once

Posted by ORATS Team on 8/11/18 7:42 PM

Backtesting can be on one symbol in the basic subscription or up to 10 symbols in the professional subscription.


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