Matt Amberson of ORATS joines Mark Longo of the Option Insider Radio Network for the 100th Episode of the Advisor's Option Podcast.

We get into why the VIX will remain at high relative levels compared to historically comparative ratios of volatility, what's up with crypto investing, earnings, and Michael Bolton.

The VIX has been affected by the retail boom that has driven up call skew. This has increased the smile of the implied volatility skew on the SPX on which the VIX is calculated. The higher wings increases the VIX. More on that here: 

The permanent portfolio approach to crypto investment sizing is discussed. The permanent portfolio is a disciplined approach because it requires a certain percentage allocation to assets, typically gold, stocks, bonds and cash, but I argue that crypto can be added to this mix along with hedging with options. 

It was another tough earnings season for options buyers. We break down the numbers. We get a great listener question about using calendar spreads around earnings. 

Michael Bolton sings about payment for order flow.

The thing about markets is that things you would never think happen happen.