Matt Amberson, Principal of ORATS, will present at MarketsGroup's AltsTX conference in Dallas, Texas on October 15th. Matt will join long time friend and colleague Eric Metz of SpiderRock Advisors for two appearances moderated by Joe Burgoyne of the The Options Industry Council (OIC), an educational organization funded by OCC, the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization.



The first event is a workshop, Vol in 2019, What’s Working & What’s Not

The panelists will discuss the current options market environment, the different offerings and strategies in client’s portfolios as well as the impact volatility plays in all of this. Is liquidity an issue, are there barriers to entering this market that often produces enhanced returns and reduced drawdowns. Highlights will be offered on the new Endowment Risk Management & Return Enhancement options research piece.

The second event is a roundtable, Hedging Concentrated Stock Positions

Hope to see you there!


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Learn more about OIC and their options research piece Endowment Risk Management & Return Enhancement at

More information on the AltsTX event here.