Matt Amberson, Principal at Option Research & Technology Services, will join Eric Cott of The Options Industry Council, Ryan Belanger-Saleh of Gatsby Digital, and Tony Zhang of OptionsPlay, on an entrepreneurial panel at the Options Industry Conference.

The panel kicks off the first full conference day May 2nd at 8 am Miami time and is titled:

Option Entrepreneurs: Small Shops Making a Big Bang

A discussion with modern day business visionaries growing the options business in very different ways.


Here's more on the participants:

Eric Cott



From the OIC website: Eric Cott is the Director of Financial Advisor Education for The Options Industry Council (OIC), the leading provider of unbiased education to promote the responsible use of exchange-listed options. The OIC is managed by OCC, the world's largest equity derivatives clearing organization.

In this role, Mr. Cott is responsible for expanding OIC’s outreach to financial advisors and works to help them and their firms to use exchange-listed options more effectively. Additionally, Mr. Cott participates in conference panel discussions, presents at advisor-oriented educational seminars, and guides the development of options curriculum and content for financial advisors on the OIC website.

Ryan Belanger-Saleh


Ryan Belanger-Saleh is the Co-CEO at Gatsby Digital, Inc. since January 2018. Gatsby is located in New York City.

Gatsby is a reimagined options trading application that cuts through the jargon and makes options trading available to the masses.

Gatsby's tagline is "Options trading made simple."

Tony Zhang




Tony Zhang from his LinkedIn: As the Chief Strategist for OptionsPlay, Tony Zhang has assembled and manages an agile team of developers, designers and quants that has led the company to create one of the newest innovations in options trading and analysis. The flagship product, OptionsPlay Ideas, is currently embedded within several major sell-side brokerage firms as well as a direct to consumer platform. Included in the OptionsPlay product suite is a visual based options trading platform for the Chinese market, which is set to launch options trading in early Q1 of 2015 on the Shanghai Exchange. In addition, Tony took OptionsPlay from the ground up, building the product suite and bringing it to market for both institutional and retail markets within 18 months. He has developed and managed many of the firm's partnerships extending from the Options Industry Council, CBOE, StockTwits and Thestreet's Options Alerts. Tony's influence extends outside of his Product role; creating a client services team and direct sales campaign for the retail business model while on-boarding most of the firm's institutional clients.

Matt Amberson




ORATS was born out of a need by traders to get access to more accurate and realistic option research. Matt started ORATS to support his options trading firm. He had the foresight to hire and train statistically minded individuals, put them on the floor, and develop research to aid in trading options. He is heavily involved with product design and quantitative research. ORATS has recently released an improved backtesting service. Matt has a Master’s degree from Kellogg School of Business.

Hope to see you at the Options Conference!