We have added the ability to run a Long Stock and Short Stock strategy to the backtester. You can run the strategies on a symbol, list of symbols with weights, and with defined start and end dates.

This new feature is important 1) to see the results of a stock (or group of stocks) and 2) to combine stock strategies with other options strategies.

Let's look at an example from one of our clients: Sell 2 calls for every 100 shares of long SPY.

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First run a Long Stock strategy and a Short Call strategy backtest. When those tests are complete, check the box next to each name. A 'Combine' button should appear above the backtest list as seen below. If the Combine does not appear you may have to upgrade your subscription which you can do here.


When the Combine Backtest dialog appears enter 2 for the Short Call (indicating a weighting of 200%) and 1 for the Long Stock. Click Submit and the combined strategy will calculate and come up with a new backtest. The results appear like this.


You can check your work like this: The Short Call return is 0.18% times 2 is 0.36% plus the Long Stock return of 9.72% = 10.08% as we see.

Go to wheel.orats.com to try it out!

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