ORATS is teaming with Vesel to bring you the Volatility Axe Options Report. Vesel's Data Portal is the only game in town to find the participants to source liquidity in the options market.

Are you looking for the highest quality execution? Then use Vesel's data to identify the most active dealers in a security.

Vesel provides By Sector, By Industry, and By Firm Reports already. Now with ORATS, find liquidity By Volatility level.



You can create a High Volatility, Medium Volatility and Low Volatility report that finds the participants that perform at each level. Using ORATS accurate implied volatilities, the entire market is sorted into one of three levels. Vesel gathers the trades done by the participants and offers their easy-to-use report broken down by volatility level.

Simply get a text file of the symbols you trade, load the file into Vesel's intuitive front-end, and schedule your report. Try making a daily, weekly and monthly report using high, medium and low volatility segments for each.

Try it now at Vesel's data portal.

Questions for Vesel? Email Luciana Arposio with your question.


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