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Technical Indicators And Volatility For Triggers In Backtesting And Scanning

New Live Data API For Options Prices, Greeks, Theos, and IVs

Earnings Results - Cisco And Upcoming Annoucements

Kodak's Turmoil As Seen Through Options

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Forecasting The Options Volatility Surface

Backtest Basics: Trading Around Earnings

Describing The Implied Volatility Options Surface

Stock Splits Treatment In ORATS Options Data And Backtesting

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Get Ready For A Wild Week Of Earnings

Royal Dutch Shell Cuts Its Dividend For The First time Since 1945

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Dividend Suspensions And One Increase, JNJ

Too Quiet? The 2008 Analog For The Market Does Not Look Good With Implied Volatility Falling to 35%

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Check Options Strategies With Backtesting

Early Results from Q3 Earnings Season: Volatility Sellers Taking The First Week

Important New Data Added To The ORATS API

Talking Hedging, Concentrated Positions and Volatility at Texas Alts in Dallas

Matt Amberson To Speak at AltsTX, Educational Alternative Investment Conference

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Finding The At-The-Money Strike Given Ticker and Trade Date

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Option Greeks Are The Same For Calls And Puts

Sell Put Spread When VIX Spikes, Exit Based on Max Profit

ORATS Data Used in WSJ Story on Liquidity

Put-Call Skew Dips in Coincidence with Market Rallies

Trading When Implied Is A Specific Amount Over Realized Volatility

Delta Neutral and Other Ways to Delta Hedge in Backtests

South Korea Unusual Options Activity in EWY

Conferences, Investor Days, and Events in Backtests

Using a Mac with our Excel Data API

We Offer 2-Minute Options Market Quotes Snapshots

Accessing Options Data with the Data API Just Got More Efficient

Beginners Guide to the ORATS Data API

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Open Interest Case Study on Dropbox (DBX)

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Nasdaq-100 Stocks with High Options Volume Today

Join Us at the Chicago Traders Expo

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How to Backtest a Short Calendar Diagonal Spread

Backtest ‘Non-traditional’ Options Spreads Like a Diagonal Call Ratio

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How to Combine Options Strategies to Enter & Exit on the Same Dates in a Backtest

How to Backtest Exiting a Spread When One of the Legs Goes In-The-Money

Nasdaq Features Matt's Article on Backtesting Pitfalls

Lothian Interview: How to get people to trade options

Strike Skew Killer Metrics

Dividend Forecasting Critical Features

Backtester Basics: Defining Specific Trades on Specific Days

Implied Volatility Term Structure's Three Parameters

Optimize Backtesting: Find the Best Way to Trade a Strategy

Backtesting Calendar Spreads Based on IV Contango

Python Access to Our API

Futures Prices Implied from Options Prices for Indexes

VIX Level Trigger in Backtesting

Volatility Skew and Buckets

Modeling the Implied Volatility Surface: Skewness and Kurtosis

Modeling the Implied Volatility Surface Term Structure with Incomplete Options Market Data

Backtesting Basics: Commodities ETFs with Options

Backtests Basics: How to Use Technical Indicators

Backtest Basics: Edit a Backtest

Backtest Basics: Spread Yield to Define Amount Paid or Received on a Trade

Backtester Upgrade: Signals & Stats

List of Currency ETFs and ETNs with Options Traded

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Our Strongest Signal Indicator, Contango, and Its Relationship to Constant Implied Volatility

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Implied Volatility Term Structure and Interpolated IVs

Congratulations U.S. Options Lifetime Contribution Awards: Saliba, Najarian, May, Schwarz et al.

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Trouble Ahead for the Market? Signals from the Options Market Say So

Forward Volatility: The Future Is Now

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Backtesting Using Staggered Trades for Smoother Results

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