We have added five time saving upgrades to the ORATS Data API.

Here is more on the five upgrades:

1. Multi-ticker data requests
Example https://api.orats.io/data/strikes?tickers=AAPL,IBM,MSFT gets all the strikes for these three symbols with one API call.

Here's how it looks in Excel:


2. General core and Earn core columns can now be retrieved together:
Example https://api.orats.io/data/cores gets all the columns from the General Core and Earnings Core together in one API call. It looks like this in Excel:


3. History strikes date range data requests:
Example https://api.orats.io/data/hist/strikes?tickers=AAPL,MMM&tradeDate=2019-08-01,2019-08-2 gets all the strikes for these three symbols for every trading day between 8/1/19 and 8/2/19. The Excel setup is:


4. History specific strikes request:
Example {"ticker" : "AAPL", "tradeDate" : {"start" : "2019-08-01", "end" : "2019-08-13"}, "expirDate" : "2019-08-16", "strike" : 175} gets strike information for each trading day in the range. Note this is not a regular get request but a post request.  Not available in Excel.
See https://docs.orats.io/data-api-guide/data.html#strikes-history-by-options

5. Intraday specific strikes request:
Example {"ticker" : "AAPL", "expirDate" : "2020-06-19", "strike" : 290} gets this one strike information. Note this is not a regular get request but a post request. Not available in Excel. See https://docs.orats.io/data-api-guide/data.html#strikes-by-options

Please note that the Data API limit is 5000 rows per request.

Learn more about the ORATS Data API: HERE 

The ORATS Data API starts with expertly cleaned data, the best fundamental options information like dividends and earnings dates, and sound calculation methods, to build a massive database of the important options information.

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