Are Investors Turning to QQQs for Protection?

The perennial favorite in put protection, SPY is being challenged by tail risk upstart QQQ. The ORATS measurement of skew has been falling in SPY recently and rising in QQQ to where the two measurements are almost equal. Skew measures […]

QQQ Puts Get Pricey

There has been an interesting shift in how options investors value puts since the February VIX debacle. The put call skew was falling as the markets rallied into January 2018. Then, February happened. Slope rose and stayed that way. Recently, […]

Sign Up For The Premium Earnings Report

  The Premium Earnings report comes out weekly with SIGNALS for the stocks that meet the filters and indicating an expected outperform or underperform on the expected move implied by the Adjusted Straddle Price. You can download the results from […]

The Best Predictors of Earnings Moves

Half way through earnings season, ORATS looks back at the stocks that have already announced and assesses the best signals for identifying excess options returns. Excess returns are the difference between the options market expectation of stock movement after earnings […]